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Dr. Felice Schnoll-Sussman talks with Katie Couric about the risk factors and warning signs of Colon Cancer.

On Katie

Dr. Frissora weighs in on how chocolate can play a positive role in one's diet.

ABC News

Dr. Felice Schnoll-Sussman discusses Colon Cancer prevention through family history screening with Katie Couric

Discusses Colon Cancer prevention through family history screening with Katie Couric on Katie

Watch Dr. Allyson Ocean with Katie Couric on her talk show Katie discussing Michael's Mission

A program that provides cancer patients and their families with psychological assistance on Katie

Only You Can Prevent Colon Cancer

Doctor Oz Show

Dr. Allyson Ocean

Medical Oncologist at the CADC to be honored at the Michael's Mission Annual Benefit on November 13, 2012 Learn More

Shara Greenspan

CADC registered dietitian says No 'Meaningful Nutritional Benefits,' to Organic Foods Huffington Post

Dr. Felice Schnoll-Sussman

on Living Without a Colon: Three Sisters Who Share a Diagnosis

Dr. Michel Kahaleh discusses

'Miraculous New Microscope Detects Cancer Deep Inside Body' Learn More

Dr. Ira Jacobson discusses

CDC's urging for baby boomers to get tested for hepatitis C Learn More

In New England Journal of Medicine Study

Dr. Francesco Rubino and other researchers show bariatric surgery outperforms standard treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. Time Magazine New York Times

Did you Make That Call yet?

Thanks Katie Couric! We appreciate your work to educate the public about colorectal cancer and the importance of screenings. Please Make That Call. Learn More Watch PSA

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